How does cycling and selling Real Estate Align

How does cycling and selling Real Estate Align

I went out into the Caledon area with the Brampton cycling club.  It was my very first ride.  I had a wrist fusion surgery in February of this year and was given the all clear to ride.  Easy to start, but I could ride, wrist brace and all.

As with any groups who share a common interest, I found the group I was with to be friendly, helpful and nice.  Some riders struggled with the dynamics of group riding, some were quick, some were well paced.

But we were all on the route together.  Somehow I connected it to my business.  On, how I am tasked to help my clients find or sell places to live.  Just days prior to the ride I had been working with clients to find a condo for them to purchase.  Without getting into great detail, they had to leave the Estate I sold on behalf of their family.  The market was new to them, the prices were new to them, the process was all too overwhelming as they had been out of the market for about 13 years.   They has a hard budget and I would show them places within Toronto, Etobicoke and into Mississauga.  As time went on, I could see that they could not make a decision, so I proposed thast they rent for a year. I explained that the money they collected from their share of the Estate proceeds would earn them more than enough in interest to cover  a good  portion of the rental income by factoring income taxes earned on such interest.  They liked that idea so much that we leased a place for 14 months a week later.  

How does this connect with riding?  It does to me because when a rider get a flat, or has bike issues or just plain old lack of confidence to tackle a hill or the long ride, they are other riders in their corner cheering them along. Helping. Encouraging.   My role as a Realtor is to that that for my clients.  I do not make it about me, its about them.  Doing a lease for a client does not make me the money I would typically earn for a sale.  But, it is not about that, as I said its about the client. the lasting relationship I am gaining, and the trust.  Finding a solution that suits best for the client is what makes me feel proud to do what I do.  Just as much as it is for me to tackle the hill and beat the guys as I roll past or encourage the novice rider.